What is a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials offer hope and an opportunity to find better treatment. A clinical research study is a specifically targeted medical study. These studies are carefully designed to make sure investigational medications meet FDA standards for safety and effectiveness. Voluntary study participants take investigational medications under the supervision of physicians, also called principal investigators and advanced clinical research professionals.

Who can participate in clinical research studies?

Most clinical research studies have unique guidelines used to determine who is eligible to participate. These guidelines usually include a participant’s gender, age, type of condition, medical history, and current health.

Do I need health insurance to participate?

Insurance is not required. We will not bill your insurance and there is never any cost to you for our services.

Why should I participate in clinical research studies?

Clinical research studies help develop and evaluate new solutions to health problems. Some voluntary study participants receive new investigational medications. Without clinical research studies, new medications would simply not be possible.

Why do we conduct clinical research studies?

Research studies are conducted to advance human knowledge of medications. To be approved for use in the United States, every medication must first be tested and proven to be safe and effective through clinical research studies. Some currently approved drugs may need additional research studies to prove their safety and effectiveness in treating conditions other than those for which they were first approved.

What is a clinical research study screening?

A no-cost consulatation which is used to determine whether you qualify to participate in a clinical research study, and to provide information about the study to those who are interested in clinical research studies. Our physicians (principal investigators) and research team will assist you in understanding what is involved in the clinical research study, as well as your rights as a voluntary participant.

Can I ask questions during a clinical research study screening?

Absolutely. To ensure you are comfortable participating in a research study, it is important to bring up any questions or concerns during your study screening. You will likely want to know the purpose of a study, any medications you may be taking during the study, what side-effects you might experience, what procedures or tests you will receive during each study visit, and how often you will have a study visit at the clinic.

What happens during clinical research studies?

Clinical research studies test the effects of investigational medications on voluntary participants. The physicians (principal investigators) and clinical research professionals closely evaluate and monitor changes in the health of voluntary participants and learn how effective the medications are.

What are my Rights as a Research Volunteer?

You may choose not to volunteer,or you may change your mind and leave a research study at any time. Decisions you make will not affect your health care or other benefits you are entitled to. Your information will be kept confidential and shared only with those who provide oversight for the study.

Will I receive compensation?

You may be eligible to receive compensation for your time and travel if qualified. Contact us for more information!

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